Under 16’s need a child performance license to work, film or perform.

We will need to know who your local authority / council is so we can send you the relevant licensing document for your area and apply for a performance license. We will also need some documents.

– Part 2 of a Child Performance License application including a medical questionnaire, Production will complete Part 1
– There is a section in the license that will need to be completed by the Head Teacher of your Child’s School
– 2 passport photos or a head and shoulders photo taken against a plain background like a passport photo sent as a jpeg. We can also use head shots if we have them

We suggest that you give the school as much notice as you can to complete the school section in the documents as we appreciate they can be very busy and there may be a delay in completing it.

We always require the documents either emailed or hand delivered to us promptly.  Councils usually require 21 days notice to process a child performance license.

If you email the documents over to us we need them in PDF format. The Councils will not accept photographs of documents. There is a free app you can download on phones and tablets / iPads called TinyScan. This app takes photos of documents and turns them into a PDF file. If you get stuck using the app you can call us at the office and we can talk you through using it.