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Shelley Barrett Management, based in Cardiff, is a talent agency representing actors across the UK.

We believe that representation is a conversation; an open dialogue where we listen and guide actors to where THEY want to be. We have no personal agenda regarding where we think our actors should be working. Be it an Equity minimum theatre tour, a TV commercial, or a guest lead on a series, if that is part of your journey then that is where we’re going, together.

We trust our instincts, and recognise good talent. We represent those we believe Casting Directors will get excited about.
We are also passionate about dispelling myths in the industry, and equipping our actors with practical knowledge that will make them a desirable and efficient jobbing actor throughout their career.

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Shelley Barrett Management

Shelley Barrett Management

Shelley Barrett Management is a vibrant, boutique agency for actors, young and established. We offer representation for work in TV, Film, Theatre, Voice over and Commercials.

This will be RACHAEL RESHMA's first audio book recording, "Aphrodite and the Duke", hopefully the start of more to come! ... See MoreSee Less
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It's been a fun shoot for STEVEN ANDREW! ... See MoreSee Less
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Commercial castings. Embrace the weird! Don't expect feedback. Don't expect them to last long. Expect to feel uncomfortable or out of your comfort zone. You can be asked to pull faces and imagine weird and wonderful scenarios to then impro around. As long as you feel safe, forget your ego, and get on with it. Then forget about it. If the job comes through then its a day or two working and a decent fee. If it doesn't come off you've had a meeting with another Casting Director and practiced that thing you do - acting. Have a great weekend actors! ... See MoreSee Less
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CONNOR ALLEN’S radio play The Making of a Monster aired on Radio 4 today with JAILEN O’DIAM and later this year it’s being developed into a theatre piece with Wales Millennium Centre!🎧 Listen in to BBC Radio 4 this afternoon at 2:15pm for a new autobiographical drama by Connor Allen - The Making of a Monster.We'll be producing the stage version this November, tickets go on sale in July! More info 👉🎧 Gwrandewch ar BBC Radio 4 prynhawn ma am 2:15pm ar gyfer drama hunangofiannol newydd gan Connor Allen - The Making of a Monster.Byddwn yn cynhyrchu fersiwn y llwyfan fis Tachwedd yma, tocynnau yn mynd ar werth ym mis Gorffennaf!Darganfod mwy 👉 ... See MoreSee Less
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LILLY HART will be multi-roling in "The Gunpowder Plot" at The Tower Vaults, London. Immersive theatre involving VR and projection mapping! The technology is a bit beyond me but I understand where they say the job involves harness bungees and fire!!!! Eek! An exciting summer lies ahead.... ... See MoreSee Less
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