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Shelley Barrett Management, based in Cardiff, is a talent agency representing adult and young actors across the UK.

We believe that representation is a conversation; an open dialogue where we listen and guide actors to where THEY want to be. We have no personal agenda regarding where we think our actors should be working. Be it an Equity minimum theatre tour, a TV commercial, or a guest lead on a series, if that is part of your journey then that is where we’re going, together.

We trust our instincts, and recognise good talent. We represent those we believe Casting Directors will get excited about.
We are also passionate about dispelling myths in the industry, and equipping our actors with practical knowledge that will make them a desirable and efficient jobbing actor throughout their career.

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Shelley Barrett Management

Shelley Barrett Management

Shelley Barrett Management is a vibrant, boutique agency for actors, young and established. We offer representation for work in TV, Film, Theatre, Voice over and Commercials.