Film, theatre and television productions that hire child actors legally require a licensed chaperone on set.  The role of the chaperone is to supervise the child,  monitor and record the hours they work and ensure the working conditions are suitable for a child.   A child is anyone under the age of 16.  Chaperones remain with children at all times throughout their filming or rehearsing.  Chaperones ensure the children are fed and looked after and kept entertained.  It is a chaperone’s principal task to make sure the child is not exploited and to liaise with the Production Company if they have any concerns with regards to the working conditions.

Chaperones are paid an agreed daily rate, this rate will vary across Production Companies.  Professional chaperones are permitted to look after more than one child on a job whereas parent chaperones can only supervise their own child.

Local councils are responsible for licensing chaperones.  Please contact your local council who can advise you on upcoming courses and the paperwork you need to provide.  Once you have your chaperone license keep it safe as you will need to provide it to future employers.

To join our list of chaperones please email us a copy of your chaperone license, full contact details and an up to date CV.

As a parent you will sometimes be allowed to chaperone your own child on set.  A parent chaperone can only be responsible for their own child.   For some production companies it is policy to have a licensed chaperone plus a parent chaperone on set.

All filming jobs involve a lot of waiting and hanging around.  Some chaperones will have age appropriate activities and games with them to keep children quietly occupied.  Children should take a book or similar with them just in case.

There are legal requirements to keep up with school work on set if a child is needed for an extended period of time.  In these cases a tutor chaperone will be booked.