Spotlight is the leading online casting service for professional television, stage, film, theatre and commercial jobs. Thousands of Production Companies, broadcasters, advert agencies and independent casting directors use Spotlight as their number one casting resource. Their clients range from large organisations such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, through to small production companies and individual casting directors.

It is optional to go onto Spotlight but we strongly recommend it. If you are on Spotlight you have an online CV which can be viewed by all casting directors, they can filter through ages, skills, accents and more. We can also send you the link so you can view your CV and make sure it’s all up to date with skills, hobbies and head shots.

For child performers Spotlight open their books from April to November and you will have membership until the following November.  Adults can join at any time.

Some of the jobs that come through on Spotlight have messages from Casting Directors asking us not to call or email head shots and CVs of people who aren’t on Spotlight separately. This will mean that we cannot put you forward for some roles if you aren’t on Spotlight. If you want to be put forward for every opportunity we strongly encourage that you are on there. We are also able to download what we have suggested you for and send it over as an excel document so you can see what you’ve been put up for.

For under 21’s it costs £96 to join Spotlight, you have to go on with an agent as a child or young performer and we will create your profile. Once we have received payment and your agency form we will create your profile.
If you are over 21 you will have to create your own adult profile and the cost to join is £156.
Profiles go live within a few days of creating them. Please note these are Spotlight’s fees.

Not all of the jobs and character breakdowns we receive come from Spotlight. Production Companies do contact us directly outside of Spotlight. We are actively looking for jobs and auditions all the time and continue to build our working relationships with Production Companies and Casting Directors

If you wish to discuss Spotlight further please contact Shelley or Louisa in the office.