Lili Mai Davies in “Bregus”

Watch Lili Mai Davies in “Bregus”, a new Welsh Language drama on S4C and BBC.


“Bregus” is a psychological drama about a woman, her marriage, her friends,  and how seismic change shatters their illusions of who and what they all are as people.

Successful career woman Ellie Bateman seemingly has the perfect life – a loving husband a beautiful daughter and a close knit group of friends who mean the world to her and her to them. They have what they need and know who they are until an unforeseeable tragedy changes the life that they know beyond all recognition. Desperate to forget, Ellie survives the only way she knows how – she runs, far from the comfort of her loved ones and finds herself lost in a life she no longer recognises- a life that no longer has meaning.


Will she ever find her way back? Is that even what she wants?  Or will she choose to lose herself in a perfect storm beyond her control?


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