Pınar Öğün in “Until I Kill You”

Pınar Öğün plays the role of Aylin in Until I Kill You from World Productions. 


The four-part series was written by Nick Stevens (The Pembrokeshire Murders), with Julia Ford (The Bay) directing, and is based on Delia Balmer’s autobiographical book Living with a Serial Killer. It stars Anna Maxwell-Martin and Shaun Evans


When Delia Balmer meets John Sweeney, he seems like the kindred spirit she has been searching for. But as his anti-establishment persona gives way to a darker, violent side, Sweeney taunts Delia with the revelation that he murdered his ex-girlfriend. Sweeney is arrested, but released on bail after the court fails to recognise how dangerous he is, leaving him free to subject Delia to a near-fatal attack. She survives, but Sweeney disappears. Delia tries to rebuild her life, but when Sweeney is arrested years later, she must face him all over again in court as the key prosecution witness.


Until I Kill You will premiere in Canada on the Hollywood Suite channel at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 18, 2024, will all episodes streaming from the first of the month. The series is expected to premiere on ITV sometime in 2024.