Flora Douglas in “HOLT SH*T” with Brick Fox Theatre

Flora Douglas is joining the cast of Brick Fox Theatre’s HOLY SH*T at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, written by Jack Fairhurst and directed by Rosa Higgs. 

In a desperate last-ditch attempt to save their underfunded and dwindling church, two priests come to the conclusion that the best way they can raise funds is by selling the one resource they are in abundance of: bodies from the church graveyard. A decision that finds them under the gaze of the law and in too deep. Six feet deep. 

A new dark comedy play from Brick Fox Theatre Company, Holy Sh*t digs up questions surrounding fate, mortality and what happened to Ryan Reynolds in that film where he was buried alive. Fathers George Hobbs and Charlie Moss are two priests that aren’t exactly cut from the same cloth but their desperation leads them down a dark path that is less than holy. 


Playing from Dec 6th – 17th. Tickets here!