Bewlay Dean-Stanton in “Miss Mimple Meets the Ice Wolf”

Bewlay Dean-Stanton plays the Ice Wolf (and others) in “Miss Mimple Meets the Ice Wolf” with Common Ground Theatre Company. 


Touring through East Anglia during December and January, it tells the story of renowned amateur sleuth and part-time dog trainer Miss Jean Mimple, who is on a hiking tour of the Italian alps, sightseeing and collecting the odd alpine to take back to her garden in St Mary Mirkin. In a remote hostelry, she meets Dr Bridges, assistant to the mysterious Professor Ramekin, who lives in nearby Castle Pandoro.


The body of one of the servants at the Castle has been found torn into fettuccine, and  Dr Bridges invites Miss Mimple to help with the investigation.


Tour details and tickets can be found HERE!